Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cuttin through the chaos. . .

Today was the day...I was FINALLY going to cut through the chaos that is my life.  Ya see, I like to think I have it all together until I take a step back and realize that I DID have it together for a little while after we got married (15 years ago! Boy, talk about living in the past).  But that was before--before nursing school, before Little Man, before this life I have now.
I did it! I tackled the utility/laundry/pantry.  I had very little room to even walk in there-much less get anything done. Most days, the door wouldn't even shut.  If the door did shut, I couldn't THINK about opening the pantry without a major rearranging dance (laundry detergent, broom, a basket of things to put away/give away/return to their proper owner, dirty clothes, clean--well, you get the picture)  Speaking of pictures, I didn't take any "befores"-no self-respecting (=prideful-oh no! not the P word) southern woman would do such a thing!
I tossed a ton of plastic bags (another P word!) into my car for a quick trip to the recycler, Hubs (Gil) brought a laundry sorter to the metal recyclers, hangers that will go to a local thrift shop and wait for it. . .I tossed dried roses Gil sent me for my 10 year wedding anniversary (it's been 15, remember).  I had grandiose dreams of turning that into a "Martha Stewart"-esque wreath to hang in my living room.  I gave up the dream today :(
When it was all said and done, my utility room is one I can now walk in, open the pantry without pain, and I even made enough room for the trash can!! And I even took pics (will post later). Victory!  What will I tackle tomorrow?  Who knows, I don't have a plan for cleaning my house, I'm too busy living in the Nirvana in my mind!

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