Saturday, February 12, 2011

Resolution review, illness update and Grandma's birthday. . .

Well my resolutions have had a slow start to say the least.  With flu and strep rampant, my focus has been on staying well and keeping Little Man well.  We had a scare last week when he started complaining of headache and sore throat (possibly had both from yelling at Super Mario Bros. on the Wii).  After a little Motrin, it subsided and so far so good.

My sister's family has not had it so good this week.  Her father in law was diagnosed with end stage pancreatic cancer. All of them are not dealing well.  I especially worry about  my nieces. The older one deals with stress by not dealing with it and the younger is just having a hard time coping.  This is the first grandparent loss they have had to deal with.  They've had no time to prepare themselves, unlike when my own father in law died almost 4 years ago now.  We at least had a little time to process the diagnosis before we had to prepare for the worst.

Grandma's birthday is tomorrow! She will be celebrating her 94th birthday.  Happy Birthday Grandma Estelle.

On to resolution review:
11 things in 2011. . .
1.  Make one healthy change per week.-Yeah right hadn't started
     that one yet! Not so much going to focus on "low fat", lose
     weight, etc. goals, just eat REAL FOOD-not processed crap.
2.  Craft one day each month--been too cold to go to shop
     and dig out my machine.
3.  Plan my family's menu and cook it!--been cooking, just not
     really with a plan (see post re: spending moratoreum)
4.  Try something new each month.  (January=blog=check!)
     (February=make homemade butter=check!)  
5.  Read the Bible more-uh sorry :(
6.  Make a budget (and actually stick to it!)-hey it's easy to
     budget no money coming in right?
7.  Submit to Gil and be a helper to him.-been easier without
     money to fight about.
8.  Show love to others and serve when/where needed. I have
     even changed our school schedule to accomodate special
     requests.  Something the 2010 me would never have done.
     I looked for excuses not to go out of my way-I know that
     sounds awful, but I justified it with "My child's education is
     more important."  I have since changed my way of thinking to
     "This is a great opportunity to let my child see service
     to others and love in action."
9.  Early to bed, early to rise! Does midnight count?
10. Be "all in". Well, not ALL IN--another one of my many,
      many shortcomings.
11. Finish what I start.-I think my subconciousness threw that
      one in so I would fail and give up all together, but with my
      new accountability partner (this blog), I will give it one
      more shot and keep shooting till I get it right.

Word of the year:  STEWARDSHIP.  I have really had this notion in my soul, not just my mind, for a while feeling the urge to really conserve and turn to more of a homesteading/"crunchy" mentality.
I feel this is my way of good stewardship and being responsible with God's world for the next generation.  If I can keep my little piece of this Earth clean, self-sufficient,  and efficient, as well as encourage others to do the same, maybe another economic downturn like we had a couple of years ago wouldn't give people the "Chicken Little" mentality.  They could feel confident in the grace and provision of the Lord Almighty.

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