Monday, February 7, 2011


I homeschool, but Gil and I both were products of PS.  Bug went to the same school I went to (great school, good test scores on standardized tests), however he hated it.  He was labeled a "problem child" in Pre-K because he wouldn't sit still for 6 hours a day! The nerve of a 4 year old boy! Anyway, I just wanted to HS so that label wouldn't follow him to the middle school (3rd grade).  To my surprise, when we started this school year, my A-B honor roll (straight As in Math) couldn't add 5+2. . .NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND AT ITS BEST!! I was an involved parent (parent teacher conferences, assisted with homework daily-I had no clue!)  The only problem that was EVER brought to my attention was his behavior.  Needless to say, I am very disenchanted with public school. We do teach Bible in our home school, but it is something we did anyway and was not a major factor in the discision for hs. sorry for the vent.

P.S. If DS ever does want to return to PS, he probably will be allowed to, but I will make frequent visits to the school to insure he does not fall behind again...I want my child to live up to his potential, not down to current expectations!!

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