Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm back. . .

Ok, so it's been a while since my last post.  Today I will attempt to catch up with all the things that has happened since my last entry.

For about a month, I had indigestion every evening (like heartburn symptoms)-nothing Tums couldn't fix. This time, it was different.  Tums didn't work.  Probiotics didn't work. The pain changed from indigestion to a cramp-type feeling.  I thought "maybe I need some Levisin."  So I even tried Levisin drops I had since Chuck was a baby. Yes-they were expired. Yes-they still work; but not this time... I didn't go to bed, because there was NO RELIEF.  I googled essential oils for gall bladder and was wishing I had some red geranium oil at that moment.  About 3AM my crying woke Gil up (I was trying to be quiet).  He called my mama to see if she had some Levisin that wasn't expired-all the while I knew it was my gallbladder, but was in serious denial!! I didn't want to go to the ER.

This winter has been tough-the toughest yet for us.  We haven't missed a payment or have been late on any bills, but January the decision was made to drop our health insurance.  Not because we wanted to, but the monthly premium was outrageous.  We are a blessed family in that we aren't very sickly and rarely need the doctor.  We were looking into a program to start again as soon as work picked back up, usually mid-March.
Back to my story, Mama and Daddy came over and made Gil take me to the ER.  They stayed at my house til Chuck woke up, then came into town.  By that afternoon, March 1st, I had emergency gall bladder surgery. It wasn't too bad, the doc was able to do it laproscopically.  Despite his concerns of maybe having an ulcer or gastritis (because of the indigestion symptoms), there was no indication of anything but gall stones.  It wasn't even infected, just severly inflamed. Praise God.  I didn't like the possibility of a ulcer diet (bland).

I have tried to keep up with my resolutions with pitiful results, but some things are more important than silly goals  that you set for yourself that, let's face it, most of the time unattainable.  I have started making my own bread-my "new thing" of the month.  This one I will probably continue.  Chuck loves it. It doesn't have any preservatives and best of all it doesn't make him crazy.

I think gluten isn't our enemy, the preservatives are.  When Chuck eats too much bread, cookies, Little Debbies, etc. he is absolutely unbearable and sometimes even uncontrollable in his behavior. I thought gluten was the problem. One day, I saw a recipe from The Pioneer Woman's cookbook, French Breakfast Puffs (I describe them as a nutmeg  muffin that is dipped in butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar), that sounded so good. I decided that I would just have to deal with the behavior because Chuck would love them and he needed a treat. (Sometimes when you stay home all day on a budget, you just need a treat.) I was right, Chuck loved them and the best part was, he had no changes in behavior after eating them!! Since then, I have made various things that were previously no-nos with great results.  When life does get in the way and I can't be Betty Crocker, I do forget and give him processed crap and his behavior quickly turns into a downward spiral ending in a complete and utter meltdown. So now, I am trying to go as preservative-free and as natural as possible in our diet.  That's about as far as my resolutions have gone. That is not going to stop me from attacking tomorrow with the intention of tackling one more thing on my list! I am just hard-headed enough to think I can do everything I set my mind to do, even if it seems impossible. After all Philippians 4:13 says I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST!

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